Live-in Library

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If you could add any room to your house, what would it be?  Hands down, my vote’s for a home library.  I think there’s nothing cozier than sitting in a library to wait out stormy weather or unwind after a stressful day.  Of course, space is an issue when living in HK…so, for now it’s a mere daydream.

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Chandelier Charade

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Who’s to say that chandeliers only belong over dining room tables?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought there was something magical about hanging chandeliers in the bedroom.  I’m currently in the market for a new update on light fixtures and thought it was finally  time to consider the chandelier as an option.

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Telling Time

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How accurate is your time?  We depend entirely on the clocks by which we schedule, organize and gauge the duration of tasks and events in our busy lives.  If you’ve noticed, our clocks are never perfectly synchronized and we always seem to be running on different times set apart by slight discrepancies in minutes and seconds. However, the certainty of knowing that there’ll always be 60 seconds to a minute and 60 minutes to an hour facilitates a sense of infallible structure.  Perhaps this is where my current fascination with clocks stems from.  Anyhow, I aspire to become a collector of things many and clocks are high up there on my list: vintage clocks, retro clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, alarm clocks, novelty clocks…


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This triplex penthouse apartment in Brooklyn was converted from the watch tower of an old industrial building.  It has four working clocks that are electronically synchronized to not only tell time, but serve as unique window treatments.



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Apparently, the hanging of deconstructed clock faces makes for some interesting wall art.


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There’s something so endearing about the curvy, feminine shapes of these Swedish Mora clocks!  The perfect counterpart to the traditional, English Grandfather clock.



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{image via clockworkuniverse}

The first thing that came to mind after seeing this image was the Jetsons theme song: “Meet George Jetson…his boy Elroy…daughter Judy…Jane his wife.”



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Obviously not a working clock, but this vintage Adams English plate’s a nice collector’s item.  The time is, as it seems, permanently fixed at 6 o’clock.



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A rather whimsical piece made from vintage tea cups…but can you imagine the amount of dust it’ll collect?