Live-in Library

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If you could add any room to your house, what would it be?  Hands down, my vote’s for a home library.  I think there’s nothing cozier than sitting in a library to wait out stormy weather or unwind after a stressful day.  Of course, space is an issue when living in HK…so, for now it’s a mere daydream.

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Chandelier Charade

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Who’s to say that chandeliers only belong over dining room tables?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought there was something magical about hanging chandeliers in the bedroom.  I’m currently in the market for a new update on light fixtures and thought it was finally  time to consider the chandelier as an option.

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Model Mimicry

Does everyone get stopped on the street?  I lived in NYC for  8 years (4 years of college, 4 years of work) and I eventually got used to complete strangers handing me their business cards and inviting me to model castings and random photo shoots. These invitations usually fell under the generic, run-of-the-mill offers for open-calls from modeling agencies or amateur fashion photographers in need of a subject for building their portfolios.  That is, until I met Beatrix Ost.

I remember this day (Feb 23, 2004) because I had just flown in on the red-eye from London and had a Monday morning interview with HR at The Gap.  Walking past Union Square Cafe, I experienced one of those awkward moments when you accidentally lock eyes with a complete stranger and hold their gaze for a millisecond too long before realizing that there’s no way to casually look away without acknowledging that you were unabashedly staring.  To my defense, this woman sitting outside the cafe was dressed in the most outrageously fabulous outfit and I couldn’t help but appreciate the boldness of her fashion sense (she was wearing a pillbox hat with a veil).  After flashing her my most polite, apologetic smile to compensate for my lack of discretion, I realized that she was following behind me.  Being the quintessential city girl, I was lost to the blaring sounds on my iPod and completely oblivious to the comically dressed woman chasing after me until she grabbed ahold of my arm.

This was how I came to meet the beautiful Beatrix Ost.  She introduced herself to me (in a rather heavy German accent) and told me that she was an artist working on a series of portraits entitled ‘Intimacy, 15 Minutes of Drawing‘ and wanted to work with me.  I was flattered by her proposition but, being so young and naive, was consumed by the insecurities in posing nude before a random stranger.  Sensing my hesitancy, Ms. Ost reassured me that I wouldn’t have to pose nude if it made me uncomfortable and that she was merely excited at having spotted me on the street that morning.  We exchanged information and agreed to phone each other  within the week.

To cut a long story short, I eventually decided not to partake in this project.  Ms. Ost called several times and left many lovely messages on my voicemail, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  There are certain things that we can only do at the ripe age of 21 and this was one of those opportunities.  I must say that it remains one of my greatest regrets…

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Shelving Shoes

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What is it with women and shoes?  We know we don’t need another pair, let alone afford them, yet we still convince ourselves to make these often costly investments. Once we make said purchases, we then have to figure out how to store them within the confines of our overflowing closets.  Not an easy task when living in HK (i.e. closet-sized apartments).  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m currently living in my parents’ 4 bedroom flat and undertaking the process of converting the storage room (which used to be the maid’s room) into a sort of shoe haven.  While figuring out how to best organize this space, I’ve taken inspiration from how other women have tackled this very same dilemma.  I’m sure I’ll never be able to build anything remotely similar, but a girl can always dream…

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I really wish I had the patience to meticulously archive each pair of shoes and store them in matching boxes but, frankly, I just can’t be bothered.




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Telling Time

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How accurate is your time?  We depend entirely on the clocks by which we schedule, organize and gauge the duration of tasks and events in our busy lives.  If you’ve noticed, our clocks are never perfectly synchronized and we always seem to be running on different times set apart by slight discrepancies in minutes and seconds. However, the certainty of knowing that there’ll always be 60 seconds to a minute and 60 minutes to an hour facilitates a sense of infallible structure.  Perhaps this is where my current fascination with clocks stems from.  Anyhow, I aspire to become a collector of things many and clocks are high up there on my list: vintage clocks, retro clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, alarm clocks, novelty clocks…


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This triplex penthouse apartment in Brooklyn was converted from the watch tower of an old industrial building.  It has four working clocks that are electronically synchronized to not only tell time, but serve as unique window treatments.



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Apparently, the hanging of deconstructed clock faces makes for some interesting wall art.


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There’s something so endearing about the curvy, feminine shapes of these Swedish Mora clocks!  The perfect counterpart to the traditional, English Grandfather clock.



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The first thing that came to mind after seeing this image was the Jetsons theme song: “Meet George Jetson…his boy Elroy…daughter Judy…Jane his wife.”



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Obviously not a working clock, but this vintage Adams English plate’s a nice collector’s item.  The time is, as it seems, permanently fixed at 6 o’clock.



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A rather whimsical piece made from vintage tea cups…but can you imagine the amount of dust it’ll collect?