Emulating Elegance

{image by Richard Avedon}


Who do I want to be when I grow up?  Lily Humphrey (aka Van der Woodsen, Bass…played by actress Kelly Rutherford)!  I don’t think there’s a single episode where her character isn’t perfectly groomed and appropriately styled.  Sure, she has a bit of a tainted past and a series of short-lived marriages, but she redeems herself with her graceful poise and elegance.  Whether it’s due to Kelly Rutherford’s acting skills or simply a reflection of her natural manner, there’s something so convincingly realistic about Lily Humphrey that I appreciate and admire.



{Elie Saab S/S 2011 – image via style.com}

This asymmetric dress by Elie Saab is so simple yet sophisticated.  While this dress looks great on Karolina Kourkova (above), I must say that I actually prefer it on Kelly Rutherford who wore it in the latest Gossip Girl episode (Season 4, Episode 17 – ‘Empire of the Son’).  The draping of the gathers alongside the left-side of the bodice perfectly offset the rigid structure of the shoulders to create a rather feminine and soft silhouette.  I am in love with the unexpected plunging-v back, which takes this dress from day to evening.



The Judith Leiber ‘Karung-Trim Radiant Clutch’ to complete her ensemble ($2,895).


Rainy Reprieve

{image by Richard Avedon}

Why does it always rain on me?  I’ve never really liked spring rains, mainly because it conjures up the smells of earthworms and wet pavement.  In stark contrast to last weekend in HK when the sun so charitably graced us with its presence, the mood is somewhat more subdued as of late with the incessant drizzle of rain.  While my spirits are ever-so-slightly dampened, I’ve decided to overcome this miserable weather by shifting attention to the bright assortment of rainy day accessories.



This Ralph Lauren umbrella was a much appreciated gift on a rainy day in NYC.  I must say that I did enjoy hiding beneath the cover of its general fabulousness amidst the sea of plain, black, nylon umbrellas on the streets of Manhattan.



{image via ethos}

Bubble umbrellas are turning up everywhere, even on the set of Gossip Girl.  The Totes ‘Clear Bubble Umbrella’ ($22) allows you a clear view of where you’re heading…ideal for avoiding the all too common umbrella collision.



{kate spade}

These Kate Spade umbrellas ($75) will brighten even the greyest of days.



{tamara henriques}

I bought these Tamara Henriques ‘Camel Tweed’ wellies back in 2003 from Olive and Bettes.  They quickly became my favorite choice of footwear and I wore them to death (literally) when the pvc coating eventually gave out due to the strain enforced by its wearer and the left boot split across the toe.  Sadly, I was left without any choice but to throw my beloved rain boots out and mourn their premature departure.




The Hunter ‘Original’ Wellington boots ($125) are the official supplier to the British Royal Households.  If they’re good enough for The Queen, then they’re good enough for me!  Sadly, I’ve had little reason to wear these since moving to HK because it’s so hot and humid here.




The Aigle ‘Jumping’ boots ($199 via J.Crew) make me want to take up equestrian riding.




The ‘Rainy Day Bow Ballet Flat’ from J.Crew ($58).  Much more appropriate for HK weather and light enough to carry around in case of an unexpected shower or two.




These L.L.Bean ‘Coastal Rain Skimmers’ ($69) are surprisingly very cute as well as being highly practical.




I am loving this Woolrich yellow slicker ($595) from Anthropologie!  I’d pray for rain all the time, just so I could sport this cape around town.